Tyler Tewilliager , DPM

About Dr. Tewilliager

Tyler Tewilliager DPM, AACFAS is a fellowship trained podiatric foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. His specific areas of interest are in total ankle replacement, arthroscopic cartilage repair, revision and reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. Dr. Tewilliager completed his medical education at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine followed by a three year residency in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, OH, where he trained under some of the foremost experts in the field. Upon completion of residency Dr. Tewilliager then completed a one year rigorous fellowship in Denver, CO working under Alan Ng, DPM, FACFAS and others training in cutting edge and advanced reconstruction of the foot and ankle to further his surgical knowledge and skillset.  


Dr. Tewilliager is passionate about providing the highest level of care for his patients whether that is non-operative treatment or if surgery is needed, Dr. Tewilliager will discuss all of the options and work with you on the best treatment plan.